The jungle is a vital role in any League of legends game, because of the versatility this role offers. League is now going through an early game meta. And the impact a jungler can put on the early game is unmatched by any other roles.

As a jungler, you can control the pace of the game and objectives, while being flexible enough to attack the weakest link of the enemy team. Regardless of these benefits this role comes with, here are the top 4 mistakes you do not want to make as a jungler.

Not getting level 3 of 3 camps

Experience is vital when it comes to the jungle role. Because the more level you are, the more damage your smite makes on the JG camps.

And if your enemy jungler is a higher level than you, the risk of you losing a neutral objective in a 50-50 situation increases by a lot.

So do not randomly clear the JG camps at the early level. Below are some of the common clear paths to make sure you get to level 3 by just clearing your first 3 camps.

1. Blue - Gromp - Red

2. Red - Blue - Gromp

3. Red - Krugs - Raptors

4. Blue - Gromp - Wolves

Not noticing the lane priority

Lane priority should be one of your number one concerns as a jungler.

Let us assume that both your mid lane and your bottom lane does not have lane priority. In this case, you are simply not allowed to counter jungle on the bottom side of your enemy jungle, or look for a contesting dragon. Unless you want to lose that is.

Incorrect Rift herald use

Rift herald can drastically change the outcome of a game if used properly. So you do not want to break the eye and spawn the rift herald randomly.

Mid lane should be your main focus for releasing the herald. Because once you have broken the mid lane outer tower, your laner will; have much more freedom to roam and impact the map.

If that is not possible then you should look towards other lanes. Keep in mind that the herald breaks the tower in one charge, only when there is 2 and a half plating left on the tower. So try to get it low to that point before releasing the herald.

Do not be Tarzan

Even though you are a jungler, do not stay inside your jungle all match. Otherwise, it will be a simple 4 v 5 situation for your team.

As a jungler, you have to farm your jungle and try to gank whenever possible to give your learners some lead. Play around your laners and choose the right lane to gank so that the laner can benefit your team with the lead.

To conclude

Jungle is a vital role in the League of Legend dynamic gameplay. And as a jungler, you should always try to get your laners ahead and play around your teammates.

Try not to make these 4 mistakes described above, and you will find yourself getting all the objectives and climbing through the rank ladder with a great win rate at your arsenal.