League of Legends is a game that is designed to provide everyone with a chance to gravitate towards their play style.  And every role has its unique strengths. But you make insane plays like faker or memorable moments like the solo queue king Dopa, you must have some tricks up your sleeve in the mid lane.

So today, we are going to share the top 4 mid lane tips for the upcoming season that everyone should know about.

Proper roaming

When it comes to roaming, we typically think about pushing our mid lane and utilizing the lane priority to roam to bot or your top lanes. But there are some basic tricks that will take your roaming to a whole new level.

Before you push the lane and roam, you should determine the time of your roam. If you are seeing your bot lane and top lane both pushed the minions to the tower and the enemy champion is not someone you can tower dive, then you should opt for a freeze instead of roaming.

You can also roam not to gank but to have some vision control on the river that will help both other laners and yourself from some sneaky ganks.

Positioning according to the jungler

The general rule of thumb is to always position yourself on the opposite side of the enemy jungler. If you see or think their jungler might be on their blue side, then you should play around your blue side also. This will prevent accidental feeding to the enemy jungler and make it much harder for them to gank you.

Ward placement

The standard bot side ward should be a pink ward on your right lane bush and a trinket on the bush behind the enemy blue buff.

For the top side, you should have a pink ward on your right lane bush and a trinket on the bush behind the enemy red buff.

Summoner spell choice

Flash is one of the most game-changing summoner spells to have in your arsenal. So that should be your number one go-to summoner spell of choice.

Now for the second spell, you should choose teleport if you are sure to face a tough matchup in the lane. This will not only help you soak up all the lane pressure and get back to the lane with e cheeky recall but also help counter your enemy laners roam if necessary.

If you have a gap closer and kill pressure in the lane, you should go for ignite. But if you think you will be in a fight consistently and want to go defensive, then instead of heal, you should go for the barrier.

And finally, if you are facing champions like Twisted fate, Lisandra, or any other champion that has hard crowd control, then cleanse should be your go-to summoner spell of choice.

Wrap up

These are the 4 basic tips that will help you increase your chance of winning the game by a significant amount. Once you have mastered these, you should look for side lane control, play style, split pushing, and counter match up.