Hello, summoners.

Today we will go through the 3 quickest ways to climb to challenger that are both effective and sustainable. As every player has their own play style and unique strategies they follow, there will be something for everyone. So you can climb to your highest rank with a great MMR.

From pro players to every high elo challenger streamers like MOE, Imaqtpie, Loltyler1, VoyBoy, NB3 falls into at least one of this category. Try all these ways and find out which one works for you.

So without any further ado, let us dive right in.

One tricking champion

One trick is probably one of the most common strategies seen on the popular streamer's gameplay like Loltyler1’s Draven, MOE’s Yasuo, Katevolve’s Katarina, and so on.

But there is more than one tricking than it meets the eye. You can not just pick Leona mid and expect to climb by winning every match. You have to find something that you love playing. But at the same time, you have to play something that works.

So try to find something with which players consistently win and also something that you enjoy.

Pick something up that you will not get bored off after playing hundreds of games, has the carry potential with high damage or high cc to peel teammates. Once you got what you would like to play, start grinding.

The best thing about one tricking is, even the grinding seems fun with your favorite champion.

Big champion pool

Surprisingly enough, this way is quite the opposite of the first point. If you are the kind of person who likes to play various champions, it is a good idea to play those champs with which you can cover your bases.

For every role, try to master one lane bully champion, one late-game champion, and one team good fighter. Having this kind of champion pool will help you adjust to every meta and win most of your games, so you can climb to Challenger very quickly.

Adapting fast to patches

If you want to climb to Challenger you must learn how to adapt to every patch as quickly as possible and play around the Perma pick or ban champs to your fullest potential.

For example, when Nunu first got the buff after it’s reworked, every Challenger player was trying to pick up the champion and abuse it as much as possible.

It was not because of the champion or broken or overpowered. It was Perma picked because no one still knew how to deal with his insane wave clear with the snowball and match his roam.

But even though low elo players were able to abuse that champion for months, challenger players could abuse it less than a week. It’s because high elo players easily adapt to the changes and find out a way to play around them.

From items like ardent abuse, banner abuse champion abuse like buffed Ivern, or Oriana, league of legends has gone through many changes. And players who quickly pick them up are the ones who come out victorious.