Every role has its own strengths and weaknesses in League of legends. This is what makes this game so enjoyable to play. And as different people, we opt for the play style and role that suits our gameplay the most. But we all can agree that there is nothing more amusing than to make an outplay on ADC like Doublelift Or UZI. And to get there, you must know some tricks that can make a difference.

The attack damage carries or in short ADC is one of the most impactful roles in the game. But as a downside, it is one the toughest role to play also. So without further ado, let us dive right into these tricks that will help you climb in Solo Que With ADC and improve your gameplay in general.

Counter pick

You should always try to increase your champion pool to counter pick your enemy ADC to have a favorable matchup in the laning phase. The champion pick is not all black and white as a lot of players think it is.

For example, a champion like Kaisa is a very good pick for an AD heavy team but A Draven will always win lane against a Kaisa unless they make a mistake. So always be mindful of the counter pick and do not always go for that one ADC champion you are good at.

3 impressive tricks that all ADC must know in League of Legends

Utilizing free pokes

This is a very common trick that most of the player in the lower rank do not think about. Let us assume that you are playing Caitlyn in the bot lane and are not using your high range advantage to its fullest potential. If this is the case then you are in for a loss.

It is highly advised to always try to poke and auto-attack the enemy laners whenever possible without taking the punishment for it, especially when they go for the last hit on CS.

Wave management

Freezing a wave is the best way to avoid ganks, deny farm for the enemy ADC, make them more vulnerable to ganks and so much more. And learning proper wave management is the key to freezing or pushing.

If you want to freeze your lane, you need to hold at least 4 more enemy caster minions near your tower. From that point, all you have to do is only last hit to maintain the freeze. If the enemy wants to break the freeze they need to walk up to your tower, which will make them prone to poke and jungle ganks. And if you are on the lead, a frozen wave can be a nightmare for the enemy ADC.

On the other hand, if your enemy laner got poked and went to recall, it is always a good idea to push one or two waves as fast as possible to deny them CS which will get killed by their tower. This will put them in an experience and gold disadvantage. But be careful while pushing, as it makes you vulnerable to jungle ganks and flank Teleport from mid or top lane as well.

To conclude

If you can utilize these 3 tricks on every game you play, you will start carrying your team and push through your ELO with positive momentum in no time.

If you have any more ADC tricks up your sleeve, feel free to let us know in the comment section below.