A bit of time has passed since Patch 10.11 came out. Time to recap and grade Riot for the patch performance!

5 Champions got buffed. Lux received the biggest increase in win rate. She was really in a bad spot so definitely needed the buff. Wondering if that satisfies riot or not, because even after a +2.53% win rate increase she is still at 49.64% overall win rate. Her pick rate increased slightly and the ban ratio remained the same.

10.11 Patch  Performance

Gankgplank also saw some love from Riot and his stats saw an uptick. +2.14% win rate. But his overall win rate is at 46.22% I think Riot won’t balance him further, because if he had a win rate of 50+% in solo queue, where games historically are short, that would mean in pro hands he would be absolutely unbeatable.

Fiddlesticks is notable too. His ban-rate jumped through the roof. Probably because a lot more people started playing him after recent buffs and just now he started to show his true colors. And those colors are - annoying. Let's just ban him.

As for the nerfed champions. All of them saw a decrease in pick rate and win rate. But they are still above 50%, so probably not too bad?