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This week trying something different again, trying to see what champion combinations were most popular / most successful in the solo queue during patch 10.10. Next week I will explore how new patch impacted winrates of champions that were nerfed/buffed.

So, we analyzed 170k games, EUW/Ranked. All-elo brackets (going into future, working on having enough data to just analyze platinum+ games for most meaningful win rates etc.)

Most common duos picked were no surprise, consisting the most popular champions overall.
Kayn dominated most combos where Jungler was involved. Either with win rate or pick rate in mind.

Yuumi + Ezreal was the most popular combo bottom, even though winrate wasn't that great. Taric + Twitch had the best win rate, but of course, very few games, meaning this might have been abused by duo lanes, smurfs or boosters.

Taric + Master Yi appeared also with a high win rate for MID + Jungle combos.
One of Top + Jungle combinations was Quinn + Amumu, I can only guess at this point what elo those games were played.

10.10 Duo/Combos Performance

10.10 Duo/Combos Performance

All in all, I wouldn't pay that much attention to the combinations with highest win rate, because sample size of those was really small and it's clear that most of them were either very cheesy strategies by people who probably shouldn’t be playing in those games or by one-tricks, that would carry games no matter who was on their team.