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Even though many people consider Techies to be one of the hardest heroes to play, by the end of this guide you will hopefully change your opinion. Techies is a hero with specific gameplay, but once you learn several tricks, you will find this hero very easy and fun to play.

Table of contents

Starting Items

Item Build

Since you will use BlastOff! quite often, it is essential for you to get a decent amount of regeneration items to restore HP. It is also important to buy few Clarities, as your spells require a lot of mana to use. Ideally, your starting items should be: x2 Healing Salve, x6 Tangoes, x2 Clarities and a Sentry Ward.

Use Sentry Ward to check if the enemy team has a vision in the jungle. It will allow you to place mines more effectively.

Early stage of the game

Ability Build

The game for Techies starts at the Bounty Rune fight. Use BlastOff! to harass your opponents if you have an opportunity to do so. Make sure to do it safely and not to die.

After the first creep wave meets, use BlastOff! to harass the enemy carry, ensure a last-hit of a ranged creep and push the lane. Do it again once BlastOff! is ready to use. Make sure to use this spell outside of the enemy team’s vision.

Why is it important to do?

1)   By harassing an enemy carry, you will force him to use his healing items very early into the laning stage. It will allow your offlaner to dominate the lane.

2)   In current meta, it is very important not to allow the enemy team to deny a ranged creep.

3)   While lane is pushed towards your opponents, you gain more space to place mines.

By the time you use BlastOff! second time in the lane, you should secure yourself level 2. Skill Proximity Mines and place them in the jungle area to prevent enemy support from safely moving there. Place Proximity Mines close to trees not to allow enemies to destroy them easily.

Place Proximity Mines close to trees

If you are low on resources or need to get your items from the base, you can suicide with the help of BlastOff!

With level 2 Proximity Mines you can start to mine the side shop area. Follow it up with Stasis Trap’s once you reach level 4. It will allow you to create a safe zone for your lane partner. He will always be able to use it to escape from gank attempts and get some easy kills in return.

Follow it up with Stasis Trap’s once you reach level 4

The next step for you is to learn how to make ‘triangle traps’. They are very simple and effective. To make this trap, you have to place three Proximity Mines and one Stasis Trap in a triangle position. Stasis Trap will hold the enemy hero in place, giving enough time for Proximity Mines to explode and get you a kill. This trap is very effective to place around all high grounds.

Triangle traps

You can also gank the enemy midlaner during the nighttime. Level 1 BlastOff! not only deals 300 magical damage but also silences an opponent for a total 4 seconds.

Techies is very dependent on his levels. Do not leave the lane for too long. Make sure to secure yourself a decent amount of experience. Keep in mind that you can use Proximity Mines for farming creep waves or even stacks in the jungle.

Mid stage of the game

Once you reach level 7, you become an unstoppable killing machine. Two Proximity Mines in combination with Stasis Trap will allow you to kill almost any hero on the map.

Think about what is best for your team. If your team is having a rough time, place more mines in your jungle to protect it from ganks. If the game is even or your team is leading, buy and use Smoke of Deceit to place mines in the enemy jungle.

Keep in mind that you can use Remote Mines for vision. You can place them near jungle camps, power runes or inside a Roshan pit.

Keep placing ‘triangle traps’. If you feel like this trap can no longer guarantee you a kill, place several Remote Mines on top of Stasis Trap to add more damage.

Stack Remote Mines around jungle camps

Stack Remote Mines around jungle camps or in the lanes to make kills on key enemy heroes. Use your imagination! There are no wrong places to place mines! Try always to outsmart your opponents.

Make sure to buy and use Sentry Wards effectively. Place them in the key areas where you plan to place mines. Try to keep several Clarities in your inventory. Use them effectively to be able to place mines anywhere you want.

Late stage of the game


Encourage your teammates to play around key objectives of the game. You can secure them by creating deadly zones, which enemy team will not be able to access. For example, the enemy team will not be able to contest Roshan if your team will have many Remote Mines inside the Roshan pit. The enemy team will not be able to defend tier-2 Towers in side-lanes if you will have their Shrine mined.

Find cheeky spots on the map and place mines inside them. Use Fog of War to your advantage.

Once you reach level 25, you gain an opportunity to stack Proximity Mines in one place

Once you reach level 25, you gain an opportunity to stack Proximity Mines in one place. With the help of several Proximity Mines and Stasis Trap, you will potentially be able to kill any hero on the map. One key kill may result in a victory.

Common mistakes

1)      Leaving the lane too early. Techies is very dependent on his levels. It can be a good decision to leave the lane to place several mines around the map. However, at some point, you have to return to the lane to get level 7.

2)      Not using BlastOff! effectively during the laning stage. Use this spell regularly to pressure the enemy carry.

3)      Not using Smoke of Deceit to set up traps. Make sure to use this item effectively to place traps in the enemy territory.

4)      Not buying Sentry Wards to destroy enemy vision. Not buying Sentry Wards to destroy enemy vision. It is significantly easier for Techies to play if he knows for sure the enemy team doesn`t have any vision in key areas.

Tips & Tricks

1)   Drop items, which give you intelligence or mana on the ground before you use Soul Ring. It will allow you to restore mana more effectively.

2)   Maintain good communication with your teammates. Ask them to fight around mines.

3)   Make sure to use Smoke of Deceit effectively. Use it to get to the enemy jungle unnoticed and to set up traps.

4)   Use Remote Mines to provide vision.

5)   Whenever you die or use Town Portal Scroll to base, use Proximity Mines anywhere on your base. You will be able to use these mines once you reach level 25 and learn ‘+25 Mines Movement Speed’ talent.

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