Razor is one of the strongest midlaners of a current patch. Aside from Queen of Pain, he doesn`t have any real counters in the lane. His ability to dominate his lane and farm jungle very fast can help him to snowball and finish the game very quickly. Razor can be very useful in all phases of the game.

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Starting Items

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Death Prophet

Razor has a very basic starting item build, which fits well for any agility midlaner. Get yourself a Circlet, two Slippers of Agility, Iron Branch and Faerie Fire. Make sure to ask your supports to share two Tangoes with you.

One of the biggest mistakes many midlaners can make is not to buy an Iron Branch. Having this item will allow you to use Tango without leaving the lane and double its effect as well.

Early stage of the game

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Razor (mid)

For a midlaner, laning stage starts with a creep block. Good or bad creep block can potentially decide an overall outcome of the laning stage. Do your best to block creeps as efficiently as possible.

If you play for Radiant, you should always try to perform ‘Arteezy block’. To make it, you should go to the small texture shown in the screenshot:

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Razor (mid)

By moving to the top of this texture, you will make creeps walk in one direction, and it will be easier for you to block them.

The first thing you need to do at the beginning of the laning stage is to check the items of your opponent. Use gathered information to your advantage.

It is essential for a midlaner to bring additional healing items as soon as possible. Having a Healing Salve will allow you fearlessly trade HP with your opponent. Enemy mid player might take advantage over your lack of healing.

Once creeps meet, use Static Link on your opponent to steal damage from him. Do not chase the enemy midlaner to his Tower. Even if you steal only 7 damage, it will create an overall difference of 14 damage between the two of you.

One of the most important features for all core players is to use is the ability to draw enemy creeps closer to yourself. It will allow you to ease the process of last-hitting. To do it, you should use ‘Attack’ command near enemy creeps on any enemy hero. Use this trick when enemy creeps are on the high ground or to drag them further away from the enemy hero.

Plasma Field is your key harassing and farming tool. Use it as often as possible to harass the enemy midlaner, ensure last-hits and farm nearest neutral camps. Bring yourself additional Clarities and Enchanted Mangoes whenever you are out of mana.

You should also use this spell to push lane whenever power rune is about to respawn. It will increase your chances of taking it. If you were lucky to get a Haste Rune, you can use it to gank the nearest side lane. Otherwise, it is not effective to leave the middle lane.

Once the laning stage ends and you finish your key items, such as Power Treads, Wraith Bands, Magic Wand and a Wind Lace, you should start moving around the map and seek for kills. Find the most vulnerable core and focus on killing him.

Mid stage of the game

After you make one or several kills, you should always seek for an opportunity to destroy an enemy Tower. Each Tower you kill gives your team additional gold and map control.

Even though Razor is a great team fight oriented hero, you should never forget about farming. Try to keep the good balance between fighting and farming.

It is very important for Razor to participate in all team fights. Ask your teammates not to fight without you if it is possible.

Always use Static Link on enemy cores, rather than on enemy supports.

Late stage of the game

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Razor (mid)

Roshan is the key objective in the late stage of the game. Aegis of the Immortal alongside Cheese and Refresher Shard can decide the overall outcome of the game.

Make sure to push lanes effectively, side-lanes in general. It will give your team additional map control and a lot of information about enemy heroes, as it will force them to show themselves.

Encourage your teammates to use Smoke of Deceit. Use this item to make key kills or force team fights. Good vision is also essential for victory. If your supports are unable to buy Observer Wards, do it for them.

Focus on using your spells and items as effectively as possible in fights.

Common mistakes

1) Not buying an Iron Branch. The purpose of Iron Branch is not to double the healing effect of a Tango, but to allow you to use it without leaving the lane.

2) Not using the farming potential of your hero. With Unstable Current, Eye of the Storm and even Plasma Field Razor has a powerful farming potential. Use it to farm your key items.

3) Making unnecessary rotations in the early stage of the game. Make rotations only if you were lucky to get a Haste Rune or if your teammates are desperate for help. By leaving the lane, you allow your opponent to potentially out farm you and apply pressure on your Tower.

4) Focusing too much on fighting and forgetting to farm. The ability to farm efficiently and always have a good net worth is what distinguishes a bad player from a good player. Try to have a good balance between fighting and farming.

5) Using Static Link on supports in team fights. It is very important not only to get yourself additional damage, but also to steal it from the enemy core.

Tips & Tricks

1) Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players, who pick this hero.

2) If you lane against Queen of Pain, consider to get yourself a Bottle and max Plasma Field over Unstable Current.

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