Some of you wanted this, some of you prayed this would never happen… but here it is. Gameplay guide for roaming Pudge.

Even though Pudge becomes very strong and popular on core positions, most players still play him as a roaming support. Playing roaming Pudge is like going to Casino. Sometimes you hit all the Meat Hooks and you feel like a king, but sometimes you just can’t find a good spot for a Hook and the game falls apart no matter how hard you try.

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Table of contents

Starting Items

Pudge 7.22 starting items

Your starting item build can vary depends on your lane strategy. Most Pudge players prefer to play fisherman and focus on hitting hooks, other players are trying to provide impact by denying and trading their HP with opponents.

For the first scenario, you need to get yourself a Wind Lace, x2 Enchanted Mango, set of Tangoes and a Healing Salve.

For the second scenario, you should certainly buy yourself x6 Tango, Healing Salve and an Enchanted Mango.

Early-stage of the game

Game for Pudge starts with the Bounty Rune fight. Try to play the way the enemy team won’t expect you to. For example, you can try to join your carry and support and fight with them for bounties near the safelane area. You might as well ask your support to join you in the offlane and fight for offlane bounties instead. If you are not sure that your team is stronger at bounty rune fights, you can just try to Meat Hook the enemy Bounty Rune to secure it.

Before you can even come to the lane, you should already have a plan on what are you going to do during the laning stage.

Pudge 7.22 early-stage of the game

If the enemy team has weak support, who you can harass and potentially kill with Meat Hooks, then select regular gameplay. Position yourself behind the trees and wait for a good position to use Meat Hook. If the enemy match-up is significantly stronger than yours, then you should consider moving behind the enemy Tower to steal the enemy creep wave.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Pudge 7.22

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Pudge 7.22

Fog of War is your biggest friend throughout the game. As a roaming Pudge, your job is to use Fog of War effectively to your advantage to Hook and kill enemy heroes.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Pudge 7.22

GOSU.AI GIDES: Pudge 7.22

Constantly seek opportunities to use Meat Hook effectively. Try not to be obvious, select the most unexpected positions. Do not stay in one lane for too long, move around the map to apply pressure on other lanes as well. Do not be afraid to use Town Portal Scroll to move from one lane to another quickly.

Once you get two points in Rot, you become not that dependent on Meat Hook. By the time you reach level 3 you should already have Tranquil Boots completed. Use its movement speed bonus to chase down your opponents and kill them with the help of Rot and your teammates.

If the enemy midlaner has no way to escape your ganks(i.e. has no blinks), you should focus your attention ob killing him. Do not be ashamed to buy and use Smoke of Deceit to do so.

Mid-stage of the game

Your gameplay in the mid-game shouldn’t differ a lot from the early-game. Keep moving between lanes, apply pressure on enemy heroes. The only difference is that you need to pay a little bit more attention to farming. Pudge is not very dependent on items, but if he gets them, he becomes an unstoppable killing machine. Do not be afraid to use Dismember and Rot to farm neutral camps or to push lanes.

Pudge 7.22 гайд

As you want to rotate a lot, it is necessary to get rid of common enemy vision. Ask your support to buy you a Sentry Ward or do it yourself, check spots near power runes, which may spot your rotations.

Once you get Blink Dagger, you can no longer rely so much on hitting a good Meat Hook. Blink gives you the ability to initiate fights by blinking on top of your opponent and using Dismember on him.

Pay attention to match duration timer. The easiest way to initiate a fight is to catch your opponents on the Bounty or Power Runes. Encourage your teammates to apply pressure on enemy Towers. Each Tower you destroy gives your team additional gold and territorial advantage.

Late-stage of the game

To understand what you should do in the late-game, you need to analyze your and enemy team’s drafts beforehand. You should remember, that Meat Hook is not only an offensive tool but a defensive tool as well. Depends on the situation in the game, you might be required to play aggressively and initiate fights, or to stay behind your cores and protect them.

Pudge can ease the process of sieging the enemy base significantly, as he can get an easy initiation with the help of Meat Hook. Do not be afraid to use some Hooks blindly.

Once you get Black King Bar, aim to use Dismember on the strongest enemy cores. As this spell pierces magic immunity, your opponents will have no way of escaping your initiations and disable.

Common mistakes

  1. Poor movement. Roaming Pudge is very dependent on getting kills. Try to always seek an opportunity to apply pressure on enemy cores all around the map.
  2. Showing yourself on the map. Pudge is like a ninja. He should always hide in the Fog of War and make unexpected ganks. Learn to use Fog of War to your advantage.

Tips & Tricks

  • Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players who pick this hero.
  • Use Smoke of Deceit to make ganks during the early stage of the game. Focus on killing the enemy midlaner, as you will get a lot of experience for his death.
  • Keep in mind that you can use Meat Hook to hook bounty and power runes.
  • Do not rely too much on hitting a Meat Hook. Use Fog of War to get to your opponents and initiate fights with the help of Dismember and Rot.

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