Nature’s Prophet is one of the best offlaners you can select to improve your MMR. Think of it logically, the hero has an insane pushing potential, whuch helps him to finish games very fast. Faster you finish a game, sooner you can start a new one. The other factor is that most players in low and normal skill brackets don't know how to deal with early pressure, and this is exactly what Furion does.

What if you couldn`t finish the game quickly? Well, it is not a big problem for Nature`s Prophet. This hero can be very effective in the late stage of the game thanks to his high split pushing potential and the ability to become a powerful late-game carry.

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Starting Items

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Nature's Prophet (offlane)

Blight Stone is a great item to get on Nature’s Prophet. It will complement the high base damage of your hero and will improve the damage of Treants.

Your starting items should be: Blight Stone, Healing Salve, Tango and two Iron Branches. You can also consider getting the second set of Tangoes instead of a Healing Salve and also replace one Iron Branch with Faerie Fire.

Early stage of the game

The first thing you need to do at the beginning of the game is to use Nature’s Call to spawn Treants. Use them to scout enemy heroes or to check enemy wards in the middle lane. To do so, you will need to position Treants on each side of the Tower outside of its normal vision. If Tower starts hitting Treants, it means enemies have placed an Observer Ward in the area. Give information about the ward to your midlaner.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Nature's Prophet (offlane)

Once Nature’s Call is ready to use again, use it immediately and run towards the enemy Bounty Rune. Your goal is to force a fight around the Bounty Rune and make your opponents spend their regen. The more healing items they spend, the easier it will be for you to zone them away from the lane.

Try not to feed Treants to your enemies. Once one of them is low HP, you should either deny it or move it away to safety.

Keep using Nature’s Call by cooldown. Use Treants as effectively as possible to harass your opponents and ease the process of last-hitting and denying.

Once you are out of resources, use Town Portal Scroll to get back to the base to restore your HP and mana. It will be very good if you will manage to synchronize it with the cooldown of Nature’s Call. When you teleport somewhere from the base, you still have the fountain regeneration effect on you for a few seconds. It will allow you to spawn Treants after the teleportation and not to waste any mana.

Keep in mind that you can use Treants to block enemy heroes. It is one of the most powerful features of Nature’s Prophet.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Nature's Prophet (offlane)

One of the biggest mistakes you can do as an offlane Nature’s Prophet is to make unnecessary teleports to make insignificant kills. Focus more on farming and applying pressure on the enemy carry. Use Teleportation to help your teammates only if they are getting dived or if you are absolutely sure you can kill an enemy core.

Once you reach level 6, you should seek opportunities to use Wrath of Nature effectively. Ask your teammates to set up kills on any lane. Once you make one or several kills, try to follow it up with pressure on the enemy Tower. Each Tower you destroy gives your team additional gold and territorial advantage.

Mid stage of the game

In the mid-stage of the game, your goal is to push lanes effectively, farm efficiently and participate in all team fights. Good map awareness is a key to win games as Nature’s Prophet.

Focus on playing around key objectives of the game, such as Towers, Roshan and Bounty Runes.

In team fights, you should seek for opportunities to use Teleportation behind enemy supports and kill them first.

Make sure to use Sprout effectively. You can use this spell offensively to hold enemy heroes in place or block their pathing. You can also use it defensively to protect yourself or your teammates, as it blocks the enemy vision.

Late stage of the game

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Nature's Prophet (offlane)

Ability to split push lanes makes Nature’s Prophet one of the most dangerous and annoying heroes in the late stage of the game. By effectively pushing the lanes, you will force enemy heroes to show themselves on the map constantly, which will give your team a lot of information. Your team can use it to kill Roshan or force fights on good conditions.

If you have Nullifier and Bloodthorn, you will also be able to make solo kills, which can make a significant impact on the endgame result.

Try to play safely and disciplined. Avoid unnecessary deaths.

Common mistakes

1)      Not contesting the first enemy Bounty Rune. The main reason to contest the rune is not to take it, but to force enemy heroes to fight against you and make them waste their resources before the laning stage begins.

2)      Not using Nature’s Call effectively. Use it by cooldown to harass enemy heroes and ease the process of last-hitting and denying.

3)      Making unnecessary rotations in the early stage of the game. Until you reach level 6, you should focus on farming and pressuring the enemy carry. Do not leave your lane to make a kill on enemy support. It is not worth it for you. Use your time and resources effectively.

4)      Not using Wrath of Nature effectively. Once you reach level 6, you should seek opportunities to kill enemy heroes with the help of your ultimate and apply pressure on enemy Towers afterwards.

5)      Not paying attention to the minimap. Good map awareness is a key to win games as Nature’s Prophet.

Tips & Tricks

1)   Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players who pick this hero.

2)   Use Treants to block your opponents. Using this trick effectively can lead to many kills.

3)   Use Sprout to its full potential. This spell has many possibilities.

4)   Focus on playing around key objectives of the game, such as Roshan, Towers and Bounty Runes.

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