Hey there, fellow support players. Today we are going to talk about the strongest support in lower and normal brackets - Jakiro.

The hero is very strong in the lane and is also very good at pushing, split-pushing, farming, and team fighting.

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Table of contents

Role in the game

Jakiro is a very versatile hero. He fits well for the role of a roamer or an offlaner since he can apply a lot of pressure on the enemy carry. He is a great counter-pick to Templar Assassin in the middle lane and may also work well as a midlaner against pretty much any melee opponent. However, the most common role of Jakiro is hard support.


Dual Breath is a strong harassing tool, which helps Jakiro to apply pressure on his opponents in the lane. Later in the game, you can use this spell to push lanes and farm neutrals. Even though it is not common to max Dual Breath in pro matches, we highly recommend doing so in matchmaking games. This way, you can rely more on yourself, rather than on your teammates.

Ice Path is one of the strongest disables in the game. It can disable opponents in a decent AoE for a duration of 2.5 seconds at its max level. Not to mention, the spell gets a lot better with the addition of level 25 talent. Keep in mind that Ice Path has a 0.5 seconds formation delay, as well as annoying cast animation.

Liquid Fire is your pushing tool. At its max level, Liquid Fire becomes one of the best pushing spells in the game. The spell is also quite good for harassing in the lane.

Macropyre is a decent fighting and insanely good split-pushing tool. The spell works best in combination with powerful AoE disables, such as Black Hole or Chronosphere.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Jakiro (support)


For your starting gold, you should get yourself as many consumables as possible, to ensure victory in the lane. Get yourself two sets of Tangoes, a Healing Salve, three Enchanted Mangoes, Clarity, and an Iron Branch. Make sure to share two Tangoes with your midlaner.

Jakiro has three active spells that require mana, so it is very good if you manage to get yourself Arcane Boots in the early stage of the game. Follow them up with Magic Wand and a Wind Lace. In case you have a bad game, you can always go for Tranquil Boots over Arcane Boots.

Eul’s Scepter of Divinity and Force Staff are your two go-to items in the mid-game. Eul’s is very good for setting up kills with Ice Path, while Force Staff helps Jakiro to improve his mobility and survivability.

Your two best items in the late-game are Scythe of Vyse, Blink Dagger, and Aeon Disk. Thanks to the high farming potential of Jakiro you should have no trouble getting gold for these items.

Good alternative items for Jakiro are any team-oriented items, such as Solar Crest, Drum of Endurance, Lotus Orb, and Glimmer Cape.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Jakiro (support)


Jakiro is a lane dominator. Your main job is to use your spells effectively alongside your attack to apply as much pressure as possible on the enemy offlaner. Jakiro has a lot of HP, use it to trade health with your opponents and secure a free farm for your carry.

Control the lane. Make a pull to either big or small neutral camp whenever the lane is pushing. Communicate with your lane partner to avoid any unnecessary deaths.

Jakiro is not very mobile, so the best way to make effective ganks is to use Smoke of Deceit to do so. Cooperate with your roamer and move together around the map to apply pressure on key enemy heroes and towers.

GOSU.AI GUIDES: Jakiro (support)

Do not be afraid to take some farm from time to time. Thanks to Dual Breath, Liquid Fire, and Macropyre Jakiro is able to farm stacks, clear neutral camps and push lanes. Macropyre is one of the best out-pushing and split-pushing spells in the game, as you can always use it from a safe distance.

Ice Path is your key fighting tool starting from the mid-stage of the game. You can use it to set up killing attempts or to disable several enemy heroes during the fight. The easiest way to use Ice Path is to do so in combination with Eul’s Scepter of Divinity. Your go-to combo with Eul’s is Eul > Macropyre > Ice Path > Dual Breath.

Allies and counters

Jakiro is a very immobile hero, which means he can struggle in the lane against Batrider. On the other hand, he is an excellent counter to any melee hero in the game. He works best against heroes with many units, such as Beastmaster or Nature’s Prophet.