We continue the theme of victory zones in PUBG, in which the last kill was committed.

On the heat map of Miramar, several places are highlighted at which matches most often end in the current season.

Chicken Dinner - Miramar heatmap

The most popular of these is the southern part of the city of Los Leones and the adjoining buildings to it on the south side, Graveyard, the compound to the west of Pecado and the abandoned village northwest of San Martin.

In general, Miramar maintains balance and variety, approximately the same number of games end in all major compounds of the map and popular places.

Least of all, the final zones are found in the upper left and right corner of Miramar.

Thank God that the islands are still an exception, and the zone is not taken by surprise, while moving in their direction as it was at the LAN tournament GLL Season 3.

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