Beastmaster is a very powerful offlaner, who is very good to pick for improving your MMR. High pushing potential and a powerful disable allows this hero to finish his games quickly and be very useful in all phases of the game.

Call of the Wild Boar helps Beastmaster to dominate his opponents in the lane, while Call of the Wild Hawk allows him and his teammates to have excellent vision around the map at all times.

By mastering your performance on this hero, you will be able to climb quickly in the MMR ladder.

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Starting Items

Beastmaster 7.22 starting items

Just like any other melee core, Beastmaster can benefit a lot from having a Stout Shield. As always, alongside this item you need to make sure to purchase enough healing items to sustain the laning stage effectively.

Ideally, your starting items should be: x6 Tangoes, a Quelling Blade, a Healing Salve and a Ring of Protection.

Early stage of the game

The first thing you need to do at the start of the game is to summon both Hawk and Boar. Use Hawk to scout your opponents and Boar to harass them before the Bounty Runes spawns. Be careful not to feed your units, especially at early levels.

Coming to the lane, summon the second boar and use it to ease the process of last-hitting and denying. You should also use it to apply pressure on the enemy carry and support.

Your goal is to get level 3 without any major troubles. Once you get a second point in Call of the Wild Boar, you will be able to start dominating your lane.

Beastmaster 7.22 ability build

If you got to lane against a tri-lane or a very powerful duo-lane, ask your lane partner to move behind a tier-1 Tower and pull the second enemy creep wave in the safe spot for you to farm. If you execute it perfectly, you will be able to get level 3 faster than your opponents and win a lane even in a 2v3 scenario.

If everything goes well, once you reach level 5 your opponents will have a tough time staying in the lane against you. At this point, you will have to start using pushing potential of your hero. After you destroy an enemy safelane tier-1 Tower, your goal is to get Vladmir’s Offering and Necronomicon level 1 as soon as possible. Keep pushing the offlane and in the meanwhile, farm nearby jungle camps. Use Hawk to provide yourself with a necessary vision. To be able to use your spells effectively, bring Clarities from time to time to restore your mana.

If you will gain control over the enemy jungle, you will also be able to make rotations to the middle lane. If you will manage to make the successful rotation and kill the enemy midlaner, you will be able to destroy the enemy Tower afterwards. Remember, each Tower your destroy gives your team additional gold and territorial advantage.

Mid stage of the game

Objectives. This word you should always keep in mind while playing Beastmaster in the mid-stage of the game. Towers, Barracks, Roshan and Bounty Runes – these are the most important objectives you have to play around.

Try to use your units to push one of the lanes on a constant basis. It will give a lot of information to you and your teammates about enemy heroes positioning on the map. Keep a good vision around the enemy Shrine and Towers to prevent the enemy team from ganking you.

From time to time, use level 3 Necronomicon to check the jungle for enemy Observer Wards.

Late stage of the game

Beastmaster 7.22 talents

Encourage your teammates to use Smoke of Deceit. This item is very effective to use with Beastmaster. Since it also affects Hawk, you will be able to spot your opponents first. Not to mention, your team will always have a perfect vision in fights.

Try to force fights around the key objectives of the game. Your goal is to win a fight and then immediately use created space to either secure Aegis of the Immortal or destroy an enemy base.

Maintain good communication with your teammates. With the help of Primal Roar and allied heroes, you will be able to make crucial kills at all phases of the game. One kill on a core hero in the late stage of the game can have a significant impact on the endgame result.

Common mistakes

  1. Not buying Stout Shield or enough healing items. Stout Shield is essential to buy on all melee core heroes, aside from Tidehunter. It is also very important to buy enough healing items to sustain the laning stage effectively. It is not a big issue if you buy too many regeneration items, but it can become a huge issue if you buy too little.
  2. Feeding Boars and Hawks. Be careful not to give your opponents unnecessary gold and experience.
  3. Playing too aggressively before level 3. Your goal is to get two points in Call of the Wild Boar without spending too many resources beforehand. Once your Boar is level 2, you will be able to apply a lot more pressure on enemy heroes.
  4. Not using Hawk effectively. Hawk is your pocket Observer Ward, which you can place in the most dangerous areas. Use it all the time to scout your opponents.
  5. Not using farming potential of a hero. Very often after a good laning stage, players start making many unnecessary rotations. An ability to use the farming potential of a hero is what differs good player from a bad player.

Tips & Tricks

  1. Improve your skill through watching streams, videos or replays of professional players, who pick this hero.
  2. If the game goes bad, you can always rely on high pushing potential of your hero to turn it around. With the help of Necronomicon, Vladmir’s Offering and other pushing tools, you have an ability to destroy the enemy set of Barracks in the space of several seconds.
  3. Usually, you can kill any enemy core with the help of only one allied hero. Cooperate with your teammates to make key kills.
  4. With the help of Necronomicon units and Vladmir’s Offering you always have a good potential to kill Roshan.
  5. You can use Boots of Travel to teleport on your units. It can help you to set up crucial kills.

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