Guide for dealing physical/magical damage in melee/ranged battle. The basis of this build is a combination of weapons in the form of Mobile Melee-Killer.

Table of contents

Main weapon: Spear and Hatchet


This build stands out well against the background of others by the presence of control, mobility and damage. It allows you to combine talents to get the best effect in each of these aspects. The hatchet is considered the best weapon option to start leveling up.



New World: Мобильный Мили-Убийца


New World: Мобильный Мили-Убийца

Description of abilities


Sweep - A sweeping attack on the legs. Deals 75% weapon damage and knocks over opponents. In combination with Tenacious Sweep, which gives Unstoppability, Sweep becomes an excellent continuation in any of your combinations.

New World: Мобильный Мили-Убийца

Skewer - Allows the character to make a dash with a shot and inflict 125% damage from the weapon. The ability puts a bleed on the target, dealing 10% weapon damage per second for 10 seconds. Together with passives for this ability, Skewer becomes an excellent option for launching our attack on any enemy.

New World: Мобильный Мили-Убийца

Vault Kick - Leaning on a spear, the character makes a dash forward and carries out a kick. The attack deals 75% weapon damage and deafens the target for 1.5 seconds. In combination with the Relentless Blows passive, Vault Kick is an excellent damage buff. It is necessary to use this ability when the enemy has less than 50% health.

New World: Мобильный Мили-Убийца

Berserk - Enables Berserk mode for 15 seconds. In Berserk mode, the character deals 20% more damage. This is the main spam ability, it needs to be clicked constantly, both for movements for the sake of a 20% bonus to movement speed (Passive On The Hunt) and for health regeneration (Berserking Refresh).

New World: Мобильный Мили-Убийца

Feral Rush - The ability allows you to make a dash to the target and instantly inflict two attacks. The first deals 115% weapon damage, the second - 130%. Feral Rush is a good finishing off ability due to the passive Dispatch, which increases damage to enemies with less than 30% health.

New World: Мобильный Мили-Убийца

Rendering Throw - Allows you to throw an axe and deal 110% weapon damage. The ability puts a 10% Rend (Armor Reduction Effect) on the target for 10 seconds. This is one of the best abilities for Enemies with a lot of health.

New World: Мобильный Мили-Убийца


The main task is to inflict damage and impose Debuffs on enemies. Spearing and throwing a Hatchet will allow you to get additional damage from weapons.

Start the attacks by impaling on a skewer for the infliction of bleeding. This activates the passive from the Hatchet. Tearing throw.. Do not forget to use it on a regular basis as a debuff of strong opponents.

In this rotation, it is possible to get buffs of more than 60% damage, so do not forget about the rotation of abilities.

Sweep > Rending Throw > Vault kick (at an opponent with less than 50% HP) This makes attacks deadly for any opponent.

Attribute Bonuses

In the final build, with the items put on, you need to have 250 Strange 50 Dexterity and the rest of the characteristic points are used for leveling up the Constitution.


  1. 50 - +15% damage from light attacks for melee weapons.
  2. 100 - +20% heavy attack damage for melee weapons.
  3. 150 - + 50% stamina damage from heavy and light melee weapon attacks.
  4. 200 - +20% damage to deafened, slowed or immobilized targets.
  5. 250 - + Stamina continues to recover when performing light and heavy melee weapon attacks.


  1. 50 - +5% chance of a critical hit.


  1. 50 - all consumables restoring health are 20% more effective.

2.   100 - max health increased by 10% of physical armor.

3.   150 - 20% less damage from critical hits that are dealt to you.

Type of Armor

The average Armor is optimally suited for this build. It gives us bonuses such as: a 10% reduction in the cost of dodging, a 10% increase in damage, +10% outgoing control and a large amount of survival.