This week we want to look at the most successful Dota 2 heroes of patch 7.27c. These heroes gained a decent buff from the IceFrog and now prove themselves to be one of the most effective to increase MMR in pubs.

The return of the good old Clinkz brought the hero back to the meta. The hero, who was very liked by boosters and smurfs and hated by everyone else is now once again dominating pubs like he used to.

Midlane Magnus and Doom became very popular not only in pro games but in matchmaking as well. With very simple gameplay and insane farming potential, these two heroes are definitely the highest tier midlaners of the patch currently.

Winners of patch 7.27c
Biggest positive win rates shift comparison between 7.27+ vs 7.27c

Have you started spamming Doom and Magnus yet? What are your favorite heroes of a patch?