It is time to look on heroes, who got the noticeable positive changes to their win rate in the latest patch.

To make the comparison between patches more viable, we have divided it by the three rank groups: low, normal and high.

Winners of 7.23. Who are they?

Razor is the only hero, who is present in all three of mentioned skill-groups. Significant changes to Static Link now allow Razor to effortlessly chase down his opponents in fights. It has simplified a gameplay of a hero significantly.

Lone Druid, as expected by many, secured himself the first place in the normal skill-group. After many crucial changes, Lone Druid became one of the most banned heroes in pro matches.

The only support, who managed to show up in the high skill-group is Doom. Huge buff to Scorched Earth allow this hero to be insanely effective in all stages of the game, including the laning stage.

Did your MMR increased in the new patch? What heroes you like to play the most right now? Share your thoughts in comments.
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