It's been almost a week since the latest 7.25a patch. We are here to highlight the most successful and unsuccessful heroes of a new patch. As always, we have divided the statistics by three key rank groups to make it fairer.

Winners and losers of 7.25a

With significant buffs to Lycan, alongside with reduced Necronomicon price, it is not surprising this hero managed to improve his win rate significantly in two rank groups. The hero, who is considered to be one of the best for MMR boosting is now dominating pubs in low and normal skill brackets.

Weaver is the other hero we would like to highlight. With recent improvements to intelligence gain and mana regen, the annoying little bug has improved his win rate up to 55% in both normal and high brackets.

On other hand, one of the most hated heroes in the game - Pudge, has suffered insignificant nerfs, but they were more than enough to drop butcher’s win rate by almost 5% in high ranked games.

Do you like the new patch? Who do you think are the strongest heroes of the current pub-meta?