Last week, we talked about supports that do the most damage for the stage of laning

This week, we would like to show you the most effective support heroes among three skill points: low, normal and high. We can see that Undying and Abaddon tops the list with 57% and 56% win rates respectively in the low ranked games. Both heroes are very strong in the lane and are able to apply a lot of pressure on the enemy offlaner. Laning stage is essential in lower tier games, in many cases victory in the lane can guarantee a victory in the game.

Win rate of supports depending on a rank. 

As we move closer to higher ranks, it can be seen how Warlock enters the list of normal skill games. Though this hero can be quite useful in the lane, Warlock also has several powerful abilities, which improve fight potential of his team. High skill bracket is dominated by supports with a huge team fight potential.

Warlock, Winter Wyvern and Jakiro – all three of them have many aoe spells, which can grant them a lot of impact in team fights. Based on this statistics we can sum up that picking heroes with high presence in the lane will significantly increase your chances of winning in lower brackets. In the same time, picking heroes with high team fight potential will help you to be a winner in high ranked games.

And that is what we all aim for, isn't it?

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April 22, 2019
From GOSU.AI with 💙