Hello, MaTa from Gosu here! I’d like to share my personal opinion on the latest GOSU.AI update called Cassiopeia.

So what’s new in the update?

The first thing I want to notice is the addition of the AI chat-bot inside the app.

Cassiopea Update for GOSU.AI no.2

The assistant is very fun and sometimes very comforting to talk to. If you feel exhausted or tilted in between games you can always message the AI and he is going to make you relax. I’ve really enjoyed talking to the Voice Assistant, not to mention it is possible to use a mic to communicate with him.

Another big thing is the localization

If you are from Russian or Spanish speaking countries you can be very happy, since starting with this update GOSU Voice Assistant speaks both of the mentioned languages in Dota 2.

In the very near future Assistant is going to speak Portuguese and Chinese in League of Legends. Can’t say much about Spanish localization, but the Russian one is very good. It is very pleasurable to listen to the native language during the game.

With the new update comes a new interface of the app. It now includes a blog on the main page. Many useful articles, guides, and memes, which are very good to read to in between games.

In the near future Assistant is also going to help you with pre-game analysis, updated post-match, new profiles, and role selection.


GOSU wants to become your full assistant both in games, before games, and during pauses. In-game guides and adaptive advice are upgrading every week and are very helpful for both new and experienced players. The app is absolutely free in the Overwolf, so make sure to try it out.