Dota 2 is evolving. More and more interesting strategies are coming into play in both matchmaking and professional matches. One of the cheeky strategies that caught my attention in a high ranked matchmaking game was Spectre with Necronomicon.

Just like any other reasonable person I have reacted with ‘What the hell?’. But Spectre’s team won the game quite easily. Spectre played very actively even in the early stage of the game, finished her core items quite early and the game was very easy overall. I have reviewed the replay and couldn’t believe how effective this item is for Spectre.

Firstly, let's talk about the Necronomicon

The price of the item has been reduced significantly over several patches. In 7.25a you can buy this item for 2150 gold. Basically, it is as cheap as Drums, Midas, Vladmir’s or Helm of the Dominator. For this gold, you get two units, who deals 75 and 60 damage respectively on each attack. These units last 60 seconds and can be resummoned every 90 seconds. Which means, you only have a window of 30 seconds when you do not have these units summoned. Necronomicon Archer provides both attack and movement speed bonuses. You think that’s it? Not yet. The item provides 10 strength and 3 mana regen. In the latest big patch, the gold and experience gained for killing Necronomicon units was also reduced.

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What about Spectre?

The hero is known for her late-game potential. Spectre is very vulnerable in the lane, requires some time to come back into the game and is usually dependent on her Radiance timing. What Spectre lacks the most is tower damage and the ability to clear neutral camps fast enough. You see where it is going? Necronomicon gives Spectre exactly what she lacks.

The good thing about the item, is that it consists of three cheap components and a recipe. Two Sage’s Masks help Spectre to spam Spectral Dagger in the lane. It is good if Spectre is losing the lane, as she can secure more last-hits and is very good when Spectre is winning the lane, as she can apply more pressure on the enemy offlaner. Once you complete the Necronomicon book, this mana regen helps Spectre to use Spectral Dagger more often to move between neutral camps. With standard build, Spectre can’t take advantage of empty lanes, but with Necro book, she can apply a lot of pressure on the tower and force a rotation.

So how should you build your gameplay?

As your starting items, you should get six Tangoes, a Healing Salve, a Quelling Blade and two Enchanted Mangoes or a Ring of Protection.

Bring two Sage’s Masks once you get gold for them. Mana regeneration provided by these items will allow you to spam Spectral Dagger more often.

Once you complete Necronomicon you can leave the lane and start farming neutral camps. You would be surprised, but your tempo of the farm will be absolutely insane. Get yourself a Power Treads and Magic Wand and you can start participating in fights. One of the best things i haven’t mentioned yet, is that with Necro book Spectre gains the ability not only to farm neutral camps, but also to farm ancient camps as well. After you make a kill you can immediately use Necronomicon to destroy a tower. By effectively farming a jungle with necro units you can get yourself Radiance in less than 16 minutes.

If you want to try this build out, I've made a simple in-game guide, which will help you select correct spells and buy needed items.

Try this build out in your games and share your results.