If I ask you which hero has the highest win rate in most various Dota 2 ranks, you’d probably say Lycan or Visage. This was the case for years before 7.27c but now everything has changed.

Currently, Underlord has the highest win rate in Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon, and Legend ranks, also having the second-highest win rate in Divine and 5th highest in Immortal.

I need to mention that the Underlord didn’t get any positive changes in 7.27c. All his buffs came in 7.27b. So what makes this hero so good? Let’s find out.

Changes to draft order

The current 2-2-1 draft order is insanely good for Underlord. The weakness of Underlord is that he can get countered by three heroes - Slark, Ursa, and Monkey King. The previous draft order allowed the enemy team to pick carry after you pick offlaner in most cases, right now you pick offlaners and carries at the same time. This helps Underlord to get a good match-up in almost every game.


Slark, Ursa, and Monkey King are not only harder to pick right now, but they are also completely out of the meta. Underlord is an excellent counter pick to all popular carry heroes or the patch. He has no trouble dominating his lane even in 1v2 scenarios.

Simple gameplay

The hero doesn’t require any insane mechanical skill. The laning stage is very easy for the Underlord, as everything he is required to do is to spam Firestorm and last-hit/deny every creep with his insane damage. Atrophy Aura damage reduction makes it very easy to ensure last-hits, as well as it makes it super simple for your support to win harass battles.

The spells of Underlord are very easy to hit and use. Even if the Underlord is caught in a bad position, he can always use his ultimate to get away or save his teammates. His ultimate also helps him to rotate fast around the map, so you don’t have to be thinking about your perfect positioning on the map at all times.


The draft order alongside the nerf of the most popular Underlord counters made the hero insanely good in the lane. His simple gameplay suits new players. The hero is very easy to learn and suits most line-ups, as he brings team fight and split push potential for his team.