Making predictions isn’t simple. This is why many people every year wait for GOSU.AI, Dota 2 personalities and other experts to release their predictions. Since The International 2019 has finished, we can finally see whose predictions were most effective.

First of all, let's praise the best. There are only three personalities, who managed to get 10 predictions right, they are Synderen, Finargoth and Youyou.

The Oracles of TI9

  • XBOCT was the only one to predict Miracle to play most various heroes throughout the tournament.
  • Finargoth is the only one who correctly predicted Broodmother to have the highest XPM avg.
  • Russian analyst NS was lucky enough to predict OG to be the team with the highest kills average on The International 2019.

In the meanwhile, not a single talent managed to guess the winner of The International 2019 correctly.

  • NewTreeSmell was the only one who couldn’t guess ‘Highest GPM by a hero in a game’.

A very low percentage of correct predictions this year showed us once again that Dota 2 is a very special game.

No matter how good you are at this game, no matter how much time you spent analyzing all previous games, you can never be sure what is going to happen.

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