Recently we have made an infographic, highlighting the strongest midlaners of European and North American high-ranked pubs. Let’s break down several of them a little closer.


Zeus has gotten into both Europe and North America top-5 lists with a 54% win rate on average. The newest build with maxed Arc Lightning made Zeus very useful in all stages of the game. Unlike the Lightning Bolt build, maxed Arc Lightning allows Zeus to farm very fast and get to his key items faster.

The high base damage of Zeus helps him to out last-hit his opponent in the lane with very little effort, and then use his advantage to destroy opponents all around the map.


Doom with a 55% win rate got into the top-3 of the NA region. Insanely high base damage, alongside devour allows Doom to outfarm any other opponent in the lane. Doom can lane very well against any other hero, so you can fearlessly first pick him in any game. With very standard gameplay, Doom can dominate each and every game he plays.

Death Prophet

Top-5 of the NA region with a 53.7% win rate. Very strong laner, who is great at pushing and team fighting. What else do you want from a midlaner? Death Prophet has been quite quiet for several patches, but now we can see her more often in high ranked games. Silence works very well against very popular mobile heroes in this patch, while Spirit Siphon allows her to fearlessly run in and tank the incoming damage.