Roaming Sniper with Aghanim’s rush

Sniper has become very popular in recent weeks thanks to Yapzor and his performance on this hero. Yapzor has shown that Sniper is, in fact, a powerful harasser and with the addition of Aghanim’s Scepter can become a dangerous initiator.

What are the pros of Sniper:

  1. The hero is very strong in the lane. Thanks to Headshot he can always out-harass enemy heroes and secure good farm for his offlaner;
  2. Shrapnel makes it very hard to fight against Sniper in the lane and during the early stage of the game;
  3. Shrapnel is also very good for farming. Sniper can use it to split push lanes safely and farm stacks of neutrals;
  4. Shrapnel makes it very hard to push towers and contest Roshan against Sniper;
  5. Aghanim’s Assassinate allows Sniper to set up kills and initiate fights from an insanely long distance.

You should definitely try roamer Sniper in your games if you haven’t done it so far. Win the lane, defend towers, farm Aghanim’s, and win the game!

Spectre carry with Necronomicon level 1

We have already talked about this build previously. Spectre is a hero, who has very poor pushing and farming potential, yet becomes strong as the game progresses. How does Necronomicon help Spectre? This item adds exactly what Spectre lacks. With the help of level 1 Necro book, Spectre gains the ability to clear neutral and ancient camps very quickly and also gains the opportunity to take down towers.

What are the pros of Necronomicon level 1 for Spectre:

  1. Increased farming potential. Even if you are low on experience, you can start killing Ancient camps at level 4. Very few heroes can do it;
  2. Increased pushing potential. Very often the offlaner will leave Spectre alone in the lane, as he can’t really pressure that hero. In the meantime, Spectre can’t really benefit from it or punish the enemy team. With Necro book, Spectre can immediately start pushing the lane and destroy the tower fairly quickly;
  3. The ability to kill supports in fights quickly. Necronomicons deal a lot of damage, as well as improve attack speed. During the early fights, Spectre is usually not able to deal any significant damage, but Necro book helps Spectre to demolish weak enemy heroes in early-game fights.

Try this build in your games. You are going to be surprised how much faster you are going to farm and how many opportunities this cheap item is going to create for you.

Offlane Queen of Pain with Necronomicon level 1

Yapzor has brought roamer Sniper to the meta, while his teammate, zai, is responsible for the sudden popularity of Queen of Pain. Team Secret was the first time, who started picking QoP in the first stage of the draft and then selected any role for her once the draft ended.

Just like for Spectre, Necronomicon helps Queen to flash-farm neutral camps and increases her pushing potential. QoP was always known for dominating her lane but very rarely could she capitalize it because of her lack of pushing and farming potential. Now, with Necro build, after the successful laning stage Queen of Pain can actually apply some significant pressure on the enemy tower and secure herself a decent and effortless farm.

What are the pros of Necronomicon level 1 for offlane Queen of Pain:

  1. The ability to farm neutral camps after the laning stage. It leads to QoP securing very important levels, as the hero is very dependent on getting to level 20 and level 25;
  2. The ability to apply pressure on the enemy tower after successful laning stage;
  3. The ability to create space on the map by pushing away side lanes with the help of Necronomicon units.

Necronomicon level 1 really opens a lot of opportunities for the Queen of Pain throughout the game. With the help of this item, the hero gets exactly what she lacks. Try this build in your games and you won’t be disappointed.