If you play Dota 2 for over 200 hours you have definitely been there. This one guy, who is unhappy about the draft, the laning stage, the role steal, or something else. He is just running down the middle lane and feeding. What do you do at this point?

Use him as a bait

He dies once. He dies twice. Would your opponents avoid an opportunity to kill him again? Very likely no. Stay behind him or even use a smoke. Most likely the enemy team will not have lots of people who are going to get this one kill on an underleveled hero, so you can easily respond to this kill by grouping up with one or two of your teammates.

Use him as a source of information

If the hero is going down mid constantly, sometimes has to kill him. As a result, you will always get information about the positioning of one or more enemy heroes. It creates lots of opportunities if you use this info correctly. Set up ganks on other lanes, split-push, destroy towers. Dota is a game of information. The more you know, the more opportunities you have on the map.

Get fed by killing the weakest heroes of the enemy team

If one of your heroes is feeding, the enemy’s team’s net worth goes up. What does it mean? Correct - comeback mechanic enabled. Even though the comeback mechanic is not as powerful as it used to be during The International 2018, it is still working. Your teammate dies twice giving away 400 gold? Get one kill and you get 300 gold. Obviously, the trade is not going to be in your favor, but it is still better than nothing.

Dota 2 can bless you with many positive emotions. Winning a close game, getting a rampage, stealing the Aegis… but there is nothing better than winning a game with a feeder.