Comeback mechanic

Well… lack of comeback mechanic we should say. After OG’s victory at The International 2018 Valve started nerfing comeback mechanic. It was justified. You could have a 20k gold advantage and lose it after two teamfights. OG were one of very few teams who understood it and used it to win game after game. The Laning stage and early advantage didn’t have any major impact on the game, since you could pick 5 heroes with strong teamfight spells and turn the game around with only one fight.

Valve did too good of a job and nerfed comeback mechanic into oblivion. Now the game allows you to make a lot of mistakes and not lose your advantage. It definitely favors weaker teams, since you can win the game by simply picking stronger lanes.

Comeback mechanic should be re-adjusted once again to make team fighting more important.

Buffing long-time ‘dead’ heroes

When was the last time you have seen Outworld Devourer, Lion, Naga Siren, or Weaver picked in a competitive game? It is always a hard task to balance heroes properly but when a hero is basically dead in all the brackets, it is time to do something about it.

As a support player, I would love to see Valve show some love to heroes, who were pretty much un-used in a long time, such as Lion, Shadow Shaman, Crystal Maiden. The sad thing is that all these heroes need is a movement speed buff. If Lion had 10 movement speed more he would be viable in several roles right away. It is time to make some simple changes to revive long-term dead heroes.

Adding more ranged carry-oriented heroes

Dota 2 right now has too many melee carries. The last ranged carry added to the game was Arc Warden back in 2015. The sad part about this hero, he is not easy to play. Most players, especially in low-rank games are struggling to play this hero properly. If Valve is thinking about adding a new hero, it would be good to have some simple-to-play ranged carry, that most players would enjoy playing.