Get better at Dota 2 with three simple advices

Siege creeps

Low and normal ranked players rarely play around some basic objectives that pros and high ranked players play regularly. Siege creeps is one of them.

Towers were buffed from patch to patch by Valve to increase the overall length of games. It has been the case since the infamous TI2014. Towers were buffed, pushing heroes and strategies were nerfed. But in the meantime, Towers still remain one of the most important objectives of the game. So how do you take them down? I think you already know the answer - Siege creeps.

Starting from the 10th minute of the game you should aim to use Siege creeps every 5 minutes to either destroy towers or deal some significant damage to them.

Towers are a great indicator that you are either in the lead or not. Having more Towers destroyed opens the space for your team to farm, make rotations, get more advantage.

So keep that in mind, that every 5 minutes you should group up with at least two or three of your teammates to apply pressure on Towers. It will significantly improve your chances of winning the game and will make your gameplay a lot simpler.

Smoke ganks

Smoke of Deceit is basically a nonexistent item in lower-tier games. Since low ranked players also rarely use Sentry Wards to get rid of Observers, it makes team movement very hard most of the time.

Use Smokes to set-up fights around the most important objectives of the game, such as Towers, Bounty Runes, Power Runes, or Roshan.

One or two good fights that you set up with a Smoke may win you the game. In fact, this is the case in most of the high-ranked games.

Acknowledging your peak of power

This is the hardest yet the most important part of this article. This is what differs high ranked players from low ranked.

Sometimes it is very simple. For example, you have Alchemist in the team. If you play Dota 2 for more than 200 hours you should know that it means you have to protect Alchemist until he gets Radiance and Black King Bar and then starts fighting. Most of the time, it is a lot harder.

For a start, try to simply count the number of carry oriented heroes each team has. If the enemy team has three farming heroes, while your team has two, aim to force as many fights as you can to get an advantage.

The second important thing is the items. Playing against Legion Commander should tell you right away that his key item is Blink Dagger. This means you should fight actively until he gets it because most likely he is not going to be interested to participate in fights.

Look at the drafts, analyze them, get better at them.