With the return of Ce6 to OG, we decided to make a small list of offlaners he should try playing in a new patch. Since you are here, you can also read it and use these insanely strong heroes to increase your MMR.


Doom is back! With slightest buffs to Devour, Scorched Earth, and his armor, Doom started being one of the most dangerous offlaners of the patch. Doom is one of those heroes, who can decide the outcome of the game by himself. With one good ultimate usage on the enemy core, Doom can secure a victory in the fight.

Dark Seer

You’ve been waiting for this guy, don’t you? The highest win rate among all offlaners in the patch, with 54%. Crazy to think, but the only thing that changed Dark Seer was his talent list. Level 15 talent, which provides 400 health on the shelled targets not only brought back Dark Seer into the meta, but also made him one of the most desirable picks.

Nature’s Prophet

You thought this guy is gone? Nop. Clearly, Nature’s Prophet suffered several heavy nerfs, such as nerfs to Monkey King Bar. But let’s be honest, Orchid is as strong as it was, just like Drum of Endurance and Blade Mail. All key items for Nature’s Prophet are very cheap and they are very, very good for this hero. If you have a good game understanding and excellent map awareness, Nature’s Prophet is the hero for you.