Dark Seer

Win rate decrease - 2.72%

Dark Seer was hit with two nerfs, one minor and one major. Lack of 50 additional health from level 15 talent is very annoying, but the nerf to Surge really makes Dark Seer players very sad.

Previously, you could break the 550 movement speed gap with Surge and make any allied hero run with insane speed, making him basically invincible. Now the speed gap with Surge is always 550 and is not that scary. Knowing that Dark Seer is also very bad at the laning stage, it is very unlikely that the hero will keep its high popularity in professional matches.


Win rate decrease - 3.56%

IceFrog wasn’t happy about Venomancer spammers so he decided to kind of kill the hero with four nerfs at once. Compared to the previous patch, Plague Wards are now giving more gold and cost more mana to use. Poison Stings damage and slow de-buff are also reduced.

It makes Veno not as strong in the lane as he used to be, so now he may have serious troubles laning against most ranged carries and even some melee carries.

Veno is still a great counter pick to heroes like Faceless Void or Ursa, but we are very unlikely to see this hero gets picked blindly as we used to in 7.27c.


Win rate decrease - 3.54%

Spectre, just like Venomancer, was another big issue in both matchmaking and professional games. The hero was simply way too strong and too easy to play. IceFrog decided not to go for any crazy nerfs and decided to slightly nerf all of Spectre’s spells. It worked. Spectral Dagger and Desolate now provide less damage, while Haunt has a longer cooldown.

Does this nerf the hero completely? Very unlikely.

Do you agree with IceFrog’s nerfs? Were there any heroes who deserved a bigger nerf? Share your thoughts in comments.