Centaur Warrunner

Hands down the most broken hero on release was Centaur Warrunner. Hoof Stomp had an insanely low cooldown and low mana cost, while Double Edge had a mini-stun effect, which allowed Centaur to cancel teleports. But the worst thing of all was his ultimate. Stampede used to stun enemies on impact, as well as it dealt an insane amount of base damage + bonus damage based on strength.

How bad was it? Well… watch SingSing’s clip and you will find the answer. It was very hard not to laugh at how strong Centaur was. His win rate in matchmaking jumped almost to 70% immediately. The hero was nerfed in a space of several, very unbalanced, days.

Earth Spirit

Earth Spirit had everything a new broken hero would have. Four active spells with insanely low mana costs and low cooldowns. However, the most broken thing of a hero was his stun. Currently, Rolling Thunder applies stun de-buff. You could also remember Boulder Smash having this effect. But if you play Dota 2 long enough, you might remember that upon the release of a hero Geomagnetic Grip could stun enemies. You can only imagine how easy it was to initiate fights and kills with the help of this ability. It doesn’t matter how mobile your hero was, if Earth Spirit sees you on the map - you are dead.


Another support in our list. I was thinking for a long time between Monkey King and Oracle since both heroes were very good on the release, but Oracle has won this battle. Why was he so strong? One reason - False Promise. 20 seconds cooldown on level 1. Is that not good enough? Well, the spell also had 1500 cast range and granted invisibility effect. If you add an insane attack speed of Oracle, which made him one of the best harassing supports in the game, you simply can’t deny that Oracle was way too overpowered. Oh… by the way, in case you thought that’s it… Fate’s Edict could also amplify the incoming physical damage by 50%.

Are there any heroes you think were stronger on their release?