Orchid Malevolence

Orchid, no doubt, is the most broken item of the newest patch. Reduced price, alongside additional damage, made this item insanely powerful. The item is so good that some players build it on heroes, who can’t even really benefit from it, such as Windranger or Slark.

The best heroes to build fast Orchid on are Broodmother, Queen of Pain, Nature’s Prophet.

Monkey King Bar

Not a single item in the game gives you as much fighting and farming potential as MKB in this patch. The price for the item was increased by 350 in 7.27a but the item is still strong and going. Currently, you can build this item as your first or second major slot and be perfectly fine with it. No reason to wait for enemy heroes to build Butterfly or Heaven’s Halberd, the Monkey King Bar is good on its own, as it simply gives way too much damage.

The best heroes to build MKB on are Windranger, Nature’s Prophet, Weaver.

Drum of Endurance

The award for the best early-game item takes Drum of Endurance. When activated, the item provides an insane amount of attack and movement speed. If your team has the slightest advantage, Drum will increase it drastically.

The best heroes to build Drum on are Doom, Nature’s Prophet, Bounty Hunter.