Let’s be honest, you knew this hero is going to be on the list. Techies is not only delaying the game, but also changes the gameplay of a game completely. If he is on your team, you know you will have to play 4v5 for the most duration of the game. Not to mention, you are going to be able to take fights only in specific areas of the map, which are mined. If he is on the opposed team, your cores are always going to be afraid to farm, as they can always get killed by the mines near neutral camps or in the lanes. The mines deal an insane amount of damage, which often means you can die even with 8k health points.

Techies, no doubt, is the most annoying hero in the game. It doesn’t mean he’s bad, he simply changes the gameplay so much it drives all other 9 players in the game crazy.


Tinker is another hero, who is known for prolonging the game. March of the Machines allows Tinker to farm insanely fast and push all lanes away in a matter of seconds. If Tinker is alive it is practically impossible to push the enemy highground. While playing against any other heroes in the game, you can have some basic movement, focus on taking down objectives, and then use the advantage to finish the game. This is not the case in the game against Tinker, as your biggest goal is always going to be to catch Tinker. Often, supports are going to be required to place unusual wards around side-lanes, hide in the trees for a long time and do a lot of crazy stuff with only one goal -  to catch and to kill Tinker.


Unlike previous two heroes, Broodmother is not making games longer. In a matter of fact, Brood makes them a lot faster. Broodmother is one of the fastest farming heroes in the game. If you do not stop Brood from reaching level 20, you are going to lose. Often, whenever Brood is in the game, supports are required to block neutral camps with sentries, make a lot of smoke movement only to catch Brood and delay her as long as they can. If Broodmother manages to get to level 20 before minute 25, that often means you have lost the game. With spiders damage talent, Brood is able to kill Roshan, heroes or any structure in a space of few seconds.

What heroes do you find the most annoying?