Hiding spot near the Radiant tier-1 tower

Three game-breaking bugs still present in the game

Do you see Sven in the picture? No? Well… he is next to the Pangolier.

Three game-breaking bugs still present in the game

This bug has been in the game since the removal of side shops. Seems like forever, isn’t it? You can walk into the rock and an unsuspecting opponent will have no chances finding you. This is one of these bugs, which became a ‘feature’ at this point. Just like the Pan in PUBG :)

Be aware of this bug, use it as your juking spot while you can

Broodmother wallhack ward detector bug

This one is big and has been in the game since forever. Dota 2 client is not good enough to handle many units on the map. I am sure many of you had insane lags when Phantom Lancer and Tinker are in the same game and spamming March of the Machines and illusions at the same time.

Well… Broodmother can create this mess by herself. So what is this bug about? The thing is, Dota 2 client lags every time a huge amount of units enter the territory of the enemy vision. So once Broodmother stacked enough spiderates and spiderlings, she can move them around the map searching for enemy vision. Spiders rotate around nets, once they enter the enemy vision - the game freezes for a second, basically allowing Brood to understand the location of the ward.

So next time you play against Brood and your map is dark, you might know why.

Roshan pit walls + Spear of Mars

Well, this one is the hardest one to understand. For some reason, Mars can’t impale his opponents on Roshan pit walls. Pretty much any other interaction with these walls is working just fine. Pango can bounce off these walls, Earthshaker can fissure the entrance so no one can escape, but when it comes to Spear of Mars, walls simply become non-existent.

Do you know any similar bugs? Share in comments.