Vengeful Spirit

Vengeful became very popular in pubs after professional teams started picking her regularly. The hero is not very strong in the lane but is insanely powerful in combination with all ranged cores. Vengeful Spirit + Drow Ranger combination dominating charts of the most successful combination in the safelane for several patches in a row. Got Drow banned? Not a problem, as Venge works perfectly in combination with Arc Warden, Terrorblade, Luna, and Nature’s Prophet. Not to mention, Vengeful is a very good counter to Faceless Void, who is currently the most popular carry in high ranked games.


Enchantress is one of the strongest laners in the game. She stops the enemy team from picking many popular heroes of the patch. When you lane against Enchantress you know right away that you are going to lose the lane. The only question is how badly. With pure damage from Impetus and the ability to Enchant creeps, Enchantress makes any lane look easy.


Doesn’t matter what patch it is, Bane is always on the top. Very strong in the lane, good at rotating, and has one of the strongest disables in the game. What else can you ask from a support?

One of the best rarely mentioned strengths of Bane is his ability to fearlessly run around the map in order to pressure enemy heroes and place offensive wards. If he got jumped on, Bane can restore his health with Brain Sap, use Nightmare on the enemy hero and teleport away.

Bane is very good for new players, as all of his spells are unit-target and easy to hit.