Legion Commander + Skywrath Mage

We start with an iconic combo. Legion in combination with Skywrath Mage becomes a real threat for the enemy team starting from the very early stage of the game. Both heroes are heavily focused on domination in the lane. With constant spam of Arcane Bolt and Overwhelming Odds, this combo can demolish the enemy carry without any real effort.

Once Legion Commander finishes Blink Dagger, he can start gaining delicious Duel damage with the help of the bursting potential of Skywrath Mage.


  1. Do not skill Arcane Bolt at level one. Get Concussive Shot and use it to trade HP with your opponents.
  2. Use Overwhelming Odds to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps and harass the enemy carry at the same time.
  3. Your power spike in the lane is at level 3. With two points in Arcane Bolt and Overwhelming Odds, you should start playing aggressively.
  4. Skywrath Mage has very low armor, this is why it can be good for you to block the small neutral camp with a ward, since Sky is not able to block it with his body.
  5. The ability to kill heroes very fast is your biggest source of experience in the game. Try to rotate together as often as you can to get kills around the map.

Necrophos + Ogre Magi

Probably the simplest and strongest combination you can pick. If you are new to the game this is definitely your go-to combo. Necrophos is insanely strong in the lane and is very good against pretty much anything. His downside is that he is kinda squishy, and for this exact reason Ogre Magi is so good. Ogre can frontline, tank incoming damage, and create the space in the lane for Necrophos.


  1. Ogre Magi should always stay upfront and tank the incoming damage.
  2. Ogre Magi should block the small neutral camp with his body.
  3. Use Death Pulse to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps.

Mars + Phoenix

This combination is very popular in professional games. Mars and Phoenix provide an insane team fighting potential for their team. Having these two heroes can allow your team to fearlessly take fights at any stage of the game. Many active spells make this combo very strong in the lane.


  1. Use the Arena of Blood to protect Supernova egg. The enemy team is not able to attack the egg if it's located inside the arena and your opponents are outside.
  2. Use God’s Rebuke to ensure last-hits of ranged creeps.
  3. Use God’s Rebuke before you use Spear of Mars to slow down the opponent and increase your chances of hitting the Spear.
  4. Phoenix should block the small neutral camp with his body.
  5. Place the Observer Ward that way, so Phoenix can spot the movement of enemy courier. He can kill them easily with the help of Icarus Dive.