Techies + Tiny

And right away we start with the biggest cancer combo you can imagine. Toss into mines is a very simple combo, which can not only piss off enemy heroes but can also lead to an easy victory. Both Tiny and Techies require to have good levels to provide impact in the game. Luckily for them, they can easily secure the needed experience with the help of very simple Toss into mines kills.

Even if the lane goes badly, you can always rely on this one game-winning Toss in the late stage of the game. Your opponents can never be safe.

How to counter this lane?

This lane is countered by heroes with units, such as Nature’s Prophet, Enchantress, and Lycan. Units can scout the location of mines and also make it very hard for Tiny to use Toss effectively.

Venomancer + Viper

You thought the previous combo was bad? Try this one! Double poison will make any enemy carry go crazy. Unlike the previous combo, this one doesn’t require any skill at all. You should just come to the lane and start spamming your opponents with Poison Attack and Poison Sting. Simply attack the closest target and you should win your lane without any problems.

How to counter this lane?

Two ranged heroes in the lane are easily countered by a tri-lane. In this case, two ranged heroes have simply no way to come close to creeps and trade their HP effectively.

Undying + Pugna

This one is not as obvious as two previous combos, is it? Well, you’d be surprised how strong and cancerous it is. Decay makes the target lose a lot of HP and once both Undying and Pugna get level 2 - boom, the lane is over. Three Decay stacks > Decrepify > Blast > Soul Rip > any hero is dead. Simply as that.

How to counter this lane?

Well… Juggernaut or Lifestealer can avoid some killing attempts with the help of their invulnerability spells but it can hardly help them to win the lane.