Having to review many replays due to my work, I get to see a lot of mistakes that players make in lower and normal skill groups. Today, I want to highlight the mistakes I see the most.

Hard Support

The most common mistake of hard support players is passive gameplay in the lane. Very often players would just stay behind their carry and do pretty much nothing. Not to mention, most of the time they would have full mana.

Here are some key things you should do to win your lane:

  1. Secure last-hits of ranged creeps with the help of your abilities.
  2. Use your spells alongside normal attacks to apply pressure on enemy heroes.
  3. Stack small neutral camp.
  4. Pull small neutral camp.
  5. Prevent the enemy roamer from pulling the big neutral camp.
  6. Provide your carry with all necessary consumables, such as Enchanted Mangoes, Healing Salves or Tangoes.


Roamers tend to lane a lot better than hard supports, but most of the times they lose the lane because they do not block the small neutral camp.

How many times have you had a good start in the lane, then suddenly the enemy support made a pull and turned things around? I’ve seen it quite a lot. Blocking the small neutral camp with the ward or by body-blocking it is very important. If you are winning your lane, it will help you to dominate it even more.


Offlaners suffer a lot from not adjusting to difficult lanes. If you play on Timbersaw, you can’t just go on the lane to Monkey King, as he is going to destroy you for obvious reasons.

In these kind of match-ups, it is important to use simple tricks, such as creep stealing or creep stacking.

  1. To steal creeps, you need to move behind the enemy tower and drag the enemy creep wave to a safe place for yourself to farm. Usually, the wave is dragged in between tier-1 and tier-2 towers when playing for the Radiant, and tier-2 and tier-3 towers when playing for the Dire.
  2. Creep stacking is when you skip the first wave and instantly move to a tier-3 enemy tower to stack two creep waves. After you stack two waves together you can teleport away. It makes the lane push towards your tower, which will help you to secure yourself a decent amount of experience.


Lack of healing items. This is the number one reason why most midlaners in lower ranks lose their 1v1 battles. Not having a Healing Salve at the beginning of the laning stage, not bringing additional Tangoes and Enchanted Mangoes can result in an easy loss in the lane.

If you look into any 1v1 match-up in a professional match, you can be very surprised by how many consumables each midlaner brings himself throughout the laning stage. Usually, each midlaner can get himself up to 3 Salves and 5 Mangoes in only 5 minutes in the game. How many Salves and Mangoes you buy yourself? None? One? That’s a good indicator that you play incorrectly.


Most carry players haven’t adapted to the current meta, even though this meta is in the game for over a year now. The space on the map is what matters now. A lot of carry players, even at the high-skill bracket, still prioritize farming in the safelane and inside the allied jungle till they get two or three items. This is absolutely incorrect in the current realities of Dota 2.
It is very unlikely you are going to see a carry player staying in the safelane after 12th minute in a professional match. You might, but that usually is going to be an exception. The reason behind it is that safelane is actually the easiest one to gank. Not to mention, by destroying the enemy offlaner towers doesn’t give anything to you or your teammates. This is why, experienced carry players would always move to the offlane and will play in the enemy jungle, rather than in allied one. It is going to allow them to secure more territorial advantage, apply pressure on important towers and get access to more neutral camps.

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What mistakes do you hate seeing in your games? How often do you make one of the mentioned above mistakes?