The most cheating heroes. 


Almost one year ago we showed you statistics on the most cheating heroes in matchmaking. Today we want to present you the more detailed and updated stats, which is based on over 2.000.000 games played by GOSU.AI users.

So, last year we could see that almost 6,2 % of Skywrath Mage players used cheats. This year, this number has almost halved. The same pattern you can see for the other heroes as well. Cheats in Dota 2 became more casual. Unlike last year, where people mostly used cheats on specific heroes, now cheats are split equally among all heroes without reference to any particular hero. Nonetheless, Skywrath Mage still holds the 1st place with the dominant 3.4% what makes him the most cheating hero, two years in a row. Hail to the king! kappa. Arc Warden, Meepo and Visage are on the top as well.

In the meantime, very popular with cheaters Clinkz, Broodmother and Huskar have dropped from the top-7 list, with Clinkz being 8th, Broodmother 11th and Huskar 18th. Drastic changes directly related to changes in meta. As some heroes got nerfed, they became less preferable for players and thus cheaters. While some cheats are very obvious and easy to detect, usually you might not even notice it, because players are fully concentrated on their own performance. Zoom hack still remains as one of the most popular cheats. Pls note that the wide monitor does not make you a cheater, because the allowed extension of the view only works in width.

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Leave comments and let us know how many cheaters have played with you in your recent games!

March 31, 2019
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