In anticipation to the biggest event of the year, we have decided to calculate how much time each TI winner has spent to secure the biggest trophy in Dota 2.

The International 2019 is coming soon

As a side dish, we looked at how much money each team has secured for a single minute of their play-time during their most successful The International runs.

The formats of the tournaments have changed several times. During The International 2011, the winner – team Natus Vincere, had to play only 11 maps and spend less than 7 hours of playtime to claim unthinkable for that time one million dollars. Three bo1’s in the group, followed by two Bo’1s in a upper bracket followed by Bo’3 in upper bracket finals and then Bo’5 final. This tournament has changed Esports and gave the birth to the competitive scene we have right now.

Many of you may think that the second best team who spent very little time to lift the Aegis above their heads were Newbee. That is not the case. Even though we remember The International 2014 as the tournament with very short length games, for this year Valve has used a unique format, which was never used before or after this tournament. Sixteen teams were placed in a single round robin group with Bo’1 games. After the group stage, two teams advanced to the upper bracket, 8 teams were moved to three-rounds play-off bracket and remaining six teams were eliminated. Newbee were the team who got placed in the third round, so they had to play three additional Bo’3s to get the desired slot in the upper bracket. This resulted in the spending a little bit over 19 hours to secure the Aegis. This is only a 5th best time after Na’Vi, Wings, IG and Alliance.

Two teams who spent the most time to win The International are Team Liquid and OG, in 2017 and 2018 TI’s respectfully. No surprise there, 2017 was the first year Valve has invited 18 team instead of 16 to the group stage. Year 2018 followed this tradition, just like the upcoming The International.

Which format of The International you personally find the best?

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