Being a support player myself, warding has always been a huge part of my gameplay. Having a good vision around the map or making an important de-ward always gave me huge pleasure. In today's article, I want to discuss with you the process of warding, common mistakes, timings and much more.

Let's start with the basics.

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Part 1: Early-game warding

Observer Ward costs 50 gold, while Sentry Ward costs 75 gold. The gold required to purchase wards was lowered from patch to patch, and now both Observer and Sentry Wards are easily affordable for players in all positions. However, warding is still associated exclusively with supports.

So, why do you buy wards? Observer Wards can be used to give vision over the area or to block neutral camps from spawning. Sentry Wards can also be used to block camps, but mostly they are used to destroy enemy Observer Wards and reveal invisible heroes or units.

1. How many wards to buy at the beginning of the game? Where to place them?

These questions might seem simple, but many players have troubles with early wards.

a)     Ward in the middle lane.

This ward is out of the question, the most important to place at the beginning of the game. Having the ward in the middle lane will help your midlaner to control the lane better. Try to place it as soon as possible to avoid it getting spotted.

Tip: When you play for Radiant, there are several spots behind the trees, which you can use to place wards safely.

The Art of Warding

The Art of Warding

The Art of Warding

b)      Ward in the safelane.

This is where many players, especially in low ranks, make a mistake. Having Observer Ward in the safelane is not a requirement. You need to get the ward for the safelane in two cases:

  • you are going to lane against a hero, who can harm you by using the Fog of War, for example, Pudge(Meat Hook), Mirana(Sacred Arrow), Keeper of the Light(Illuminate) and Techies(Proximity Mines, Suicide).
  • you need it to block the neutral camp.

The Art of Warding

c)      Ward in the offlane.

As meta switched heavily to 2/1/2 lanes, it is no longer necessary to give the Observer Ward to your offlaner. Do it either only if it is necessary for him to block the neutral camp, or in case he is going to lane against a tri-lane.

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d)      Anti-roamer ward.

In case you play against a very powerful roamer, such as Earthshaker or Earth Spirit, it can be very useful to place a ward, which would spot his rotations to the middle lane.

Anti-roamer Radiant ward:

The Art of Warding

Anti-roamer Dire ward

The art of Warding

Most of the times getting only one Observer Ward is absolutely fine. Use extra gold to get yourself additional Faerie Fire, Clarity or Enchanted Mango. Having extra consumables can have a huge impact during the laning stage. Make sure to get second Observer Ward if it will be necessary.

It is important to purchase a Sentry Ward if you are going to lane against a hero with invisibility, such as Treant Protector, Sand King, Riki and Bounty Hunter.

2. The first nighttime. A most important part of the game for the warding.

Lack of movement is the biggest issue of supports in low ranks. Lack of movement also equals lack of good vision around the map. The first nighttime is a time when heroes start to rotate around the map actively. This is why it is very important to provide good vision for your teammates, to avoid them getting ganked.

Ideally, you should aim to bring x2 Observer Wards right before the nighttime begins. Good support should be multitasking, so as nighttime starts at 5:00, you should try to take Bounty Runes and then place the first Observer Ward in the nearby cliff near the enemy tier-1 Tower, and then make a rotation to the middle lane to place the second ward there.


The Art of Warding

The Art of Warding


The Art of Warding

The Art of Warding

The better you get, the more you can adjust your ward positions, so it would be harder for enemy support to de-ward them.

While you place these wards, you should keep in mind that the enemy support wants to have the perfect vision himself as well. This is why it is very important to get yourself several Sentry Wards and check the most common warding spots.

3. Objective wards.

After the laning stage ends, you and your team should start playing around key objectives of the game, such as Towers and Bounty Runes.

To have an easier time sieging towers, it is very effective to place vision behind them.


Ward behind the Tower:

The Art of Warding

Bounty Rune wards:

The Art of Warding

The Art of Warding


Ward behind the Tower:

The Art of Warding

The Art of Warding

Bounty Rune Wards:

The Art of Warding

The Art of Warding

Keep in mind, as it is very important to provide good vision in all stages of the game, it is especially necessary to do in the early-game. Thanks to perfect vision, your team can gain the advantage and then use it to win the game easily.


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