As many of you have asked, this week we are going to look at the most successful supports in low rating among five biggest Dota 2 regions. Keep in mind that this statistic doesn’t include roamers and it only represents hard supports.

Jakiro secured himself a number one position in most regions and became the most successful support of low rating games. The only region that doesn’t include Jakiro in their top-3 heroes list(he was very close, in 4th place) is South America. Looks like players in SA value lane winning supports a little bit more over the high pushing potential of Jakiro.

Interestingly enough, Ogre Magi, a support who is known for his ability to dominate in the lane also showed excellent results by getting into top-3 of four regions.

Most successful supports in different regions. Low ranks edition

What supports do you prefer to play in order to win games in lower brackets? Could you suggest any supports to new players?