We are coming back with another discussion article. Last week we talked about the importance of correct item builds, today we would like to start a discussion about the carry players in particular, and how are they supposed to treat the so-called safelane.

When we use the word ‘safe lane’ we imagine the lane, in which carry player can feel comfortable and have a free farm. Well… it used to be like that several years ago when teams would usually have three heroes in the lane, where two supports would protect their carry and secure a complete free farm for him.

Everything has changed when the meta switched to 2-1-2. Offlaners started to dominate in the lane, with very rare exceptions. Soft supports would always have more resources than hard supports, as they do not have to buy courier and wards, all of this has resulted in a huge switch of the game-play of all the players.

However, the difference in resources is not the biggest problem for the carry players. The biggest thing that makes safe lane so dangerous in a current patch is a tier-1 Tower.

What about it? First of all, the safe lane tier-1 tower is one of the most important towers in the game, as by destroying it the enemy team will get easy access to your jungle. But what makes this Tower even more attractive to the enemy team, is that this tower is the easiest one to destroy. When you siege the safe lane Tower, you can go around it however you want, which makes it very simple to dive behind the Tower, kill all the opponents and then destroy it. At some point, the enemy team will do it and you have to expect it. Many carry players make the same mistake by staying in the safe lane for too long, which results in inevitable death.

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So let's just make a list of some key points, of how carry players should play in the safe lane in a current patch:

  • Play very aggressively at the beginning of the laning stage, as most offlaners usually gets stronger with levels. You really want them to waste their resources at the start of the laning stage, it will help you farm safer later.
  • Do not allow your opponents to deny the ranged creep from first waves. Ranged creep gives a lot more experience than melee creeps. If you do not have any nukes, ask your support to ensure a last-hit of a ranged creep.
Oracle using Fortune’s End to last-hit a ranged creep

Is the safe lane actually safe?

  • Try not to push the lane and keep a perfect lane equilibrium. By farming fairly close to your tower you are not going to die.

Is the safe lane actually safe?

  • Pay attention to the positioning of your lane support. If your support goes to make a pull, not under any circumstances you should play aggressive. One of the biggest mistakes carry player can make is to die while support is missing for whatever reason.
  • Learn to drag enemy creeps closer to yourself, use it to your advantage. To make the enemy creeps run towards you, you need to use ‘Attack’ command on any enemy hero around the enemy creeps. This trick is essential to know and use for any good core player.
  • Bring additional consumables whenever it is necessary. If you were forced to use all your healing items very early into the laning stage, it is very important to get yourself some more. You need to make sure to always have a comfortable amount of health during the laning stage.
  • Make sure to bring early cheap-effective items in time. Having a Wraith Band or Magic Wand can have a huge impact on the early fights.
  • Do not make dives behind the enemy tier-1 tower, unless you are 100% sure they are going to work. Once you get yourself in between enemies tier-1 and tier-2 towers it can be very hard for you to escape.
  • And here we come to the biggest point of this article. Be ready to leave the lane in time. Do not wait for your opponents to gank you. If you no longer feel safe in the ‘safelane’ you should leave it immediately. You can either move to the jungle or make a rotation to the offlane to kill the enemy carry. Try to make this move before the enemy team did it.
Dives behind the tower might not work sometimes:

Is the safe lane actually safe?

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