The international 2019 is closer than ever!

The DPC season was long and exhausting, and teams were showing their best Dota. Players worked hard to get that desired slot in the biggest tournament of the year.

In today's infographic, we want to show you players, who had played on the most various number of heroes during the 2018-2019 DPC season.

Players with the most various heroes played in the 2018-2019 DPC season

They have spent hours to practice many different heroes to add extra versatility for their team's drafts.

For this statistic, we have included games from minors, major and closed qualifications for these tournaments.

  • Sneyking is one of very few players, who has played on two different roles during the previous DPC season. He has started the season by playing on the offlane, switched to roamer and then returned back to the offlane. Therefore, it is not surprising to see him having a Shadow Shaman, as one of his most played heroes.
  • Zai had a fantastic season. His plays helped Team Secret to win two majors and secure the slot in The International 2019 with the most points. His Batrider performance was flawless, as he ended DPC season with 10 victories in 10 games he has played on this hero.
  • Absolutely no surprise here, Fata is a player with the biggest hero pool throughout all players, who have participated in DPC season. If there is any hero his team might want Fata to play, no doubt, he will do it.

What versatile players didn't make it to the list? Share your thoughts in comments...

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