Last week we made a comparison of the best duo combo for the carry and hard support. This week we want to look at the best combination for the offlaner and soft support.

Offlaner + soft support duo win rates in 7.26c

As we can see, the offlane+roamer combo is focused a lot more on dominating in the lane.

The lower ranked players find it easier to lane with two ranged heroes or heroes, who can harass their opponents on a constant basis thanks to their abilities. Even though Zeus + Sand King is not a very usual combo, they can apply a lot of pressure on the enemy carry thanks to a Sand Storm and Lightning Bolt spam. Lightning Bolt also works perfectly in the lane with Sand King, as it helps to deward enemy sentries, which allows Sand King to fearlessly farm in the Sand Storm.

Beastmaster and Sniper topped the list of medium-tier games. Do not be surprised to see Sniper as a soft support, as the hero becomes very popular in this position thanks to Yapzon and his performance in Team Secret. Thanks to Headshot, Sniper has no problems dealing with the enemy support and is also able to apply a lot of pressure on the enemy carry.

Clockwerk got twice into the list of the best combos in high ranked games. Thanks to Power Cogs he has the ability to set up easy kills with the help of Sacred Arrow. With Nature’s Prophet, he makes it very hard for enemy heroes to escape since Furion has insane base damage.

What do you think about these combinations? Have you used them in your games? What are your favorite duos to dominate lanes with?