At the beginning of this year, we set an ambitious goal – to create a simple and convenient training platform for players in competitive games. A number of tools have been created, that allow a player to assess his contribution to the game, to learn the effectiveness of the farm, and to reduce the amount of time spent using hotkeys.

Today, we launch a new block of Ward statistics, which will allow players to analyze the game at an extensive level.


The Importance of «Wards»

The importance of «Wards» in Dota 2 is difficult to overestimate, as the Latin aphorism says – «scientia potentia est» («knowledge is power»). The Information about the enemy's movements unties the hands of your team and provides the opportunity to farm, to split push, to make well-planned ganks, to kill Roshan, etc. We've came to a conclusion to add the important aspect of the game to our platform– Warding. And also to improve the understanding of the optimal zones for «Warding».

The History of Creation

Were used elements of machine learning to create «Warding» block.

We've analyzed all the Wards, that were placed during The International 2017, have excluded, that were redesigned in new patch, and from first tournament, patch 7.07 – AMD SAPPHIRE Dota PIT League, took this data as a basis.

The position of Wards placement from the selection of heroes to the appearance of the first creeps, from the first creeps to the initial stage, from the initial stage to the middle stage, from the middle stage to the late stage of the game.

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Top 15 positions for «Warding» at different stages of the game

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The key positions of Wards for different stages of the game were automatically assigned, which allowed to form primary descriptions of each of the zones.

Stages of the game:

  • Since the selection of heroes, to the spawn of the first creeps (until 00:00 on the game clock)
  • The initial stage (up to 12 minutes of the game)
  • The middle stage (from 12 to 30 minutes of the game)
  • Late stage (after 30 minutes of the game)

Using the resulting clusters as a first approximation, a group of professional players clarified the boundaries of the zones and formed a description that allowed the creation of the «Warding» block in the form in which it is now presented in the analysis.

New block «Warding»

Click on the picture and enjoy the possibilities of the block


Available information in the block:

  • Where and when the Ward was placed
  • If the Ward was placed during the smoke
  • If the player was killed during Ward placement
  • The time of Ward existence
  • The number of heroes killed in the radius of Ward
  • Total number of Wards purchased by the player
  • Total time of Ward existence on the map
  • The time lost (Wards are in the shop)
  • Optimal zones for Warding at different stages of the game
  • Evaluation of the usefulness of Warding

Evaluation of utility

Obviously, when calculating the utility of the wards, you need to consider the zone in which it is located and the stage of the game, but this task is cumbersome from a technical point of view. Therefore at the moment an intermediate solution is used:

WardPerfomance = (wardDurationSec/360) + inSmoke + countOnWardDeaths + placedBeforeDeath + destroyed,

where inSmoke – indicator that takes the value – 1, if the wards are set during the smoke (which provides secrecy of the player, who placed the Ward). placedBeforeDeath and destroyed are similar indicators.

It's easy to see that the most common wards that have stood for 6 minutes will have WardPerfomance = 1, but in the worst case WardPerfomance = -2. Further on the basis of this number, we paint the wards in red, white or green colors. Respectively: bad, normal or good.

Future plans

  1. Collect user feedback on areas and their assignments, that will improve descriptions.
  2. Evaluation of the utility of wards, depending on the zone and the stage of the game.
  3. Control of the Roshan
  4. Control of the Runes
  5. Tracking the usage of smokes, which were used by your enemies under(near) your Wards
  6. Approximate time at which the enemies were under the Ward

Keep playing, leave the rest to us.

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