Last week we compared the most successful carry heroes of NA and EU regions. This time, as many of you have requested, we are going to compare the most successful midlaners of two very popular Dota 2 regions. Just like before, we only compare games from Immortal and Divine brackets, starting from the very beginning of the patch 7.27d.

Most successful midlaners in high ranked games in 7.27d. EU vs NA

Not very surprisingly, Broodmother stormed her way into the top-3 of both regions. Even though the hero was nerfed, she still remains a very popular last-pick hero. If Brood has no decent counter in the lane, it is very likely that she is going to destroy her lane.

Zeus is also worth mentioning, as he managed to get into both top fives of European and North American lists. Recently Zeus became very popular in professional games, showing excellent results in highest tier games. His newest skill build with maxed Arc Lightning allows him to farm a lot and then provide an insane amount of impact during the mid and late stages of the game.

Has your favorite hero gotten into the top-5 list of your region? What is your favorite midlaner of the patch? Share your thoughts in the comments.