Hello, fellow GOSU players! Today we want to look at the most successful supports of the latest patch - 7.27. We hope this info-graphic will help you understand the meta better.

We also remind you that we did similar info-graphics earlier for supports in a lower rank, so now we can compare the results.

Most successful supports in different regions. Normal rank edition

Jakiro once again proved to be the most effective supports. Surprisingly enough, he managed to climb to the number one spot in the SA region, even though it was the only region Jakiro didn’t get into top-3 in lower bracket games.

Strong harassing lane dominators, such as Bane and Ogre Magi also found a good spot for themselves in two most competitive regions - China and Europe.

Why Jakiro, Ogre, and Bane are so popular? The answer is quite simple. Patch is heavily focused on lane domination. Since the comeback mechanic is non-existent in the patch, currently in order to win games easily all you have to do is to win your lane and then start making rotation around the map.

Are there any other supports you find very strong in the current patch?