You have asked for it for a long time. We go beyond usual offlane/roamer or carry/support combinations, and now want to look at the most successful pairs of carries and midlaners.

As many of you could predict, Faceless Void managed to get into the list twice. The hero is a hot pie in a current meta and has an insane win rate in both matchmaking and professional games. He seems to work best with Invoker and Snapfire. Do not be surprised to see Snapfire mid, as this hero became very popular in this position in recent weeks.

Drow Ranger and Vengeful Spirit are highlighted once again in our infographic. After this pair secured themselves #1 position in carry+support rating, they also managed to work as carry+midlaner. Midlane Venge can get her levels quickly and provide lots of impact on the game. The duo of Drow and Venge can finish the game very quickly.

Most successful carry+mid combos in 7.27d | Dota 2

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