Today we want to look at the most successful heroes of carry players in lower ranks among all different regions. Hopefully, this stat is going to help new players get some insight on the games of their rank.

Most successful carry heroes in different regions

First and foremost we have to mention an insane success rate of Wraith King. The master of skeletons secured himself first place in four out of five most competitive regions while finishing in the second slot in the North American region. The victorious ambitions of a hero are not surprising, as new and upcoming Dota 2 players find it a lot easier to play with one extra life. Not to mention, the hero has insanely simple gameplay, alongside high pushing and farming potential.

Spectre is another carry we should look at. The ability to quickly rotate around the map with the help of Haunt makes Spectre very easy to play for newcomers.

What other heroes do you think are the most effective in the lower rank games?