Hey guys. In today’s infographic we decided to highlight and compare the most effective midlaner in high ranked games of EU and NA regions. Let’s find out what heroes bring MMR to the best players of two very competitive regions.

Most successful carries of 7.27d in high ranked games. EU vs NA edition

The most surprising thing is that the only hero who is present in the top-5 of both regions is Spectre. A hero, who is known for her powerful late-game potential and the ability to lane decently in most match-ups secured herself #1 position in NA and #3 position in EU.

The most effective carry in EU high ranked games is Anti-Mage. One of the best counters to Spectre in the game, and also a powerful late-game core, found a comfortable place in this meta.

It seems like the current meta has switched to late-game cores heavily. Do you like this meta?